Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule
Mynd Matters has contracted rates with most insurance companies. If you are using insurance to help cover the cost of treatment, the precise fee for your session will be determined by the contacted rate with your insurance company, the length of your session and the amount of your deductible, co-insurance or copay.
90791 Initial Psychological Evaluation (60 minutes) $250.00
90837 Psychotherapy follow-up (60 minutes) $250.00
90834 Psychotherapy follow-up (45 minutes) $200.00
90832 Psychotherapy follow-up (30 minutes) $130.00
*Psychotherapy Missed Appointment/Late Cancellation fee (24 hour notice required) $125.00
*Forensic services (including, but not limited to, court testimony, depositions, conferences, preparation of reports, telephone consultations, record review, travel). A minimum of three hours will be charge and paid upfront for an appearance in court. Fee is an hourly rate with time charged by the quarter hour. $500.00
*Non-forensic services (including, but not limited to, letters, reports, telephone calls, conferences, record review, consultations). Fee is an hourly rate with time charged by the quarter hour. $200.00
*Medical Records Processing $15.00

(*) Services not covered by insurance.

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