a range of services to support the change you seek


individual therapy

Who benefits from one-on-one therapy? People struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, relationship issues, loss, panic issues, gender identity issues, or issues associated with transitioning from one stage of life to another. It can be life saving to have someone on your side, to help you figure out what you need to move forward and feel more yourself again. We work one-on-one with adults and older adolescents in a safe, caring, confidential environment to address unique needs and issues.

couples therapy

We have several psychologists who are trained to help couples successfully navigate the stages and issues in their relationship. Sometimes couples seek help for a “tune-up”. Sometimes they seek therapy to heal from infidelity or a breach in trust. Sometimes they seek support to determine if there is a future in the relationship or to help end a relationship in a healthy way. Our psychologists help guide couples through whatever is needed to enhance communication, understand needs, navigate points of disconnection and increase the ability to learn and grow together.

psychiatric treatment

For those times and conditions when medication management will help restore your well-being, we will help you find quality psychiatric care, typically in conjunction with psychotherapy support. Treatment is guided by a biopsychosocial model of care, which means that you will always be seen as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms. We will always try to understand all the elements that are contributing to your distress. You will always be an active part of your own treatment and as such will be provided with up-to-date and evidence-based information about your illness and psychiatric treatment options so that together, you and your psychiatric provider can plan the best course of care for you. Collaboratively, we will work together to enhance the quality of your life.

family support

Parenting can be challenging. We offer several types of support to families. Co-parenting support is available to aid parents who want to do all they can to ensure that they’re working well together on behalf of their children. Co-parenting support  is available to all parents, those separating or divorcing, and also those with different parenting styles or unique circumstances. Parenting education is available for parents who want to learn more about the child development issues that are impacting  their kids and, potentially, the family dynamics.  We are also available to help navigate the dynamics in parent-adolescent relationships. When family dynamics have become more challenging than enjoyable, for any of these reasons, we’ll work with you to help you learn to work well together.

ADHD evaluations

Wondering if you have ADHD? Or maybe you know you do. We have trained specialists to conduct evaluations to help you understand your symptoms of distractibility, impulsivity, time management issues, difficult with follow through, inability to maintain focus or concentration, procrastination, or difficulty completing tasks on time (or at all). We offer support to help you learn to navigate your areas of weakness and maximize your strengths to enhance your productivity and confidence.